Monday, June 24, 2013

Lift to heaven – a new radical innovation

The first industrial revolution was to a large extent about new chemical manufacturing and iron production processes. The third industrial revolution that we are living through now is also to some extent about innovative new materials.
MacBook AirApple´s MacBook computers are made with a shell of aluminium, Sony VAIO notebooks are made with a shell of carbon fibre. When you hold a MacBook it is sturdy and feels solid. When you hold a carbon fibre Sony VAIO Pronotebook it is flexible and can bend slightly. Therein lies the secret to carbon fibres strength.
Carbon fibre is, exactly what it sounds like, fibre made of carbon. But, these fibres are only a base. Carbon fibre is a material consisting of very thin cords of carbon atoms. When bound together with plastic polymer resin a composite material is formed that is both strong and lightweight. Continue reading...