Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Co-Creative Economy

Here's how we will build ourselves and the brands we support in this new co-creative economy:
1. Co-leadership Redefined. In traditional thinking, a leader is established and the community builds toward that leadership. In the new co-created economy, we need to un-learn leadership as one and establish leadership as many [Tweetable]. Quite frankly, it's the biggest shift I see coming in the future.
2. Mind the End. Have you ever written a blog, developed a paper, designed a home page or authored something of substance only to wonder when it was truly finished? Imagine building an output of something as a community only to realize there is no perfect finish line. Define what success is upfront, then the rest can take on a life of its own.
3. Level the Playing Field. Not everyone has a social Klout score higher than 60, or 6-digit followers on twitter. This means nothing to a community of people who share a common interest. Co-creation by people who share a common interest, an open mind and lots of passion will always produce something extraordinary.  Continue reading...