Friday, June 28, 2013

Wealth Dynamics: The Fastest Way For Entrepreneurs to Find Their Flow...

Wealth Dynamics is the only personality test that tells you exactly what strategy you should follow to build wealth. Successful entrepreneurs focus only where they are strong and unsuccessful entrepreneurs try and do it all themselves. These are the eight ways to create wealth:

1. The Creator - Builds innovative products. 
Examples: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Richard Branson
2. The Star - Builds an influential brand. 
Examples: Oprah, Paul Newman, Bill Clinton
3. The Supporter - Builds high performance teams. 
Examples: Steve Ballmer, Jack Welch
4. The Deal Maker - Brings deals together. 
Examples: Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch
5. The Trader - Buying and selling commodities. 
Examples: George Soros
6. The Accumulator - Buying and holding assets. 
Examples: Warren Buffet, Paul Allen
7. The Lord - Controlling cashflow producing assets. 
Examples: Lakshmi Mital, Ingavar Kamprad
8. The Mechanic - Creating a duplicatable system. 
Examples: Michael Dell, Ray Krock